Hello dear members,

WLRC would like to present you its new Board of Directors elected last Thursday at the AGA meeting:

  • PRESIDENT: Helen Akrivos
  • VICE-PRESIDENT: Sophie LeBouc
  • TREASURER: Sylvie Cornez
  • SECRETARY: Mylène Mantha
  • DIRECTORS: Carlo Di Francesco, Alain Paradis, Tara Thompson, Iain Carrie and Loïc Bernard.

Our new members are committed to continue the work of the previous board and look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Season 2020/2021
Western Lachine is recruiting their team of lifeguards for the summer of 2021!The positions available are: aquatic lifeguards and assistant lifeguards.Employment contracts will be approximately from June 19 toSeptember 6, 2021.Please send your curriculum vitae to crlo_wlrc_emploi@hotmail.com before December 10th!

2020 Calendar
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2020 Schedule
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No ALPS this summer