Season 2021

Sunday 25/07/2021:
Don't forget to drop by  to celebrate Christmas in July.

  • First day of regular season: June 24
  • Consult our: Opening hours
  • Have a look at all the fun activities like cool aquafit classes, swimming lessons, teams etc that we are offering in our 60th anniversary year 
  • The baby pool is now open
  • Our canteen is open and offers you snacks and refreshments
  • On Thursdays check our newsletter 'Splash' and other news to keep up to date with what is going on at your summer pool

The regulations allow for a maximum of 109 swimmers in the water and 12 persons in the baby pool area.
  • To be admitted, you will have to line up and then give your name to enter the pool. A register will be kept. 
  • You will be allowed to swim for as long as you wish unless the maximum number of swimmers is reached.
  • If we reach the 109 people in the main pool, you will be warned and you will then have a 30 minute period of swimming before you leave.
  • Upon your departure, other users will be able to access the pool and you will also be able to get back in line to return to the pool.

Please be reminded of the important general pool rules and Covid rules for everyone's enjoyment and safety:

  1. Children under the age of 12 years old must be accompanied by someone who is at least 14 years old to enter the site.
  2. No eating in the pool area. Please use the picnic area on the hill.
  3. Baby pool maximum: 12 people total (including adults and babies under 5 years). Maximum of 20 minutes, once max capacity is reached.
  4. Always keep a 2 metre distance (if not possible a face covering is recommended especially indoors).
  5. Our team of lifeguards is in place to ensure the safety of members and allow them to fully enjoy their time at the pool, but the lifeguards are not “distancing agents”. Each member is responsible for enforcing distancing.
  6. Avoid using the changing rooms if not necessary and maintain a 2 metre distance.



About swimming lessons: 

  • Consult/Download the form (you also find the cours schedule, fees and COVID rules here)
  • Consult the guides to see which level your child would be in. Each child will be evaluated in their first class to ensure it is in the right level.
  • FOR EACH SESSION (8 CLASSES): $40 AND $36 FOR 2ND CHILD IN THE SAME FAMILY.  All classes are 30 min up to level 6 and level 7-10 are 45 min.

We offer lessons during:

  • MORNING: MON - THU BETWEEN 8:00-10:00 AM  (4 X PER WEEK FOR 2 WEEKS) / (ALL LEVELS) Total of 4 sessions for the summer
  • EVENING: TUE + THU BETWEEN 6:30-7:30 (TWICE PER WEEK FOR 4 WEEKS) / (PRE-SCHOOL) Total of 2 sessions for the summer
  • WEEKEND: SAT+ SUN BETWEEN 10:30-11:30 (TWICE PER WEEK x 4 WEEKS) / (JUNIOR 1-5)  Total of 2 sessions for the summer 

BOOTCAMP / NEW!For youth who have completed Level 10 of the Junior Red Cross swim lessons, they can sign up for a BOOTCAMP class given daytime from Monday to Thursday at 9h00 am for 30 minutes. Please go to the office at the Pool to register in person during the week. Swim classes started this week! $40 per session (8 class- 2 week session) $36 for the 2nd child registered in the same session.

To register as a member or for our teams and lessons, you can come to the pool once we are open on June 12th.

For memberships:

  • Please download and complete the registration form and the COVID Waiver before you arrive at the pool.
  • We ask that you to pay by cheque payable to Piscine CRLO-WLRC; if you pay cash, the correct amount is required.   (Price list)

We need to inform you that some measures may be modified during the summer since we have to adapt to the requirements transmitted by the City of Montreal. Please note that no refunds will be made once registration has been completed. 

We look forward to seeing you soon, 

The Board of Directors: Piscine Lachine Ouest - Western Lachine Pool 

Season 2020/2021
Our team has been selected for this season and they are looking forward to meet you June 12th for our first day of this season!